Lower Your Blood Sugar in One Week (non-diabetics)

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Confused about how to balance your blood sugar? Should you cut out carbs and glucose to ward off diabetes? If you’re a non-diabetic who wants to understand more about the dos and don’ts of how to balance your blood sugar, this video is for you.

When it comes to blood sugar, it’s helpful to think of your body like a mobile phone. Your phone can do many things, but it relies on you topping up the battery to do so. Just as your phone needs electricity, your body needs glucose (sugar) to operate, and you won’t make it through a full day without it.

Your body stores sugar in the form of glycogen in your liver (about 100g), your muscles (about 400g), and there is also around 5g in your blood. Once these are all full, excess glucose becomes toxic and your body will do it’s best to dump it into your body fat. This can slowly but steadily result in weight gain and unhealthy blood sugar levels, which in turn increase your risk of developing type II diabetes.

In this video I’ll discuss why balancing blood sugar is so challenging and reveal some very simple strategies you can adopt right away that will make a big difference in just a week. I’ll also explore the different ways you can monitor your blood glucose – both at-home and the blood tests to ask your doctor for. Let’s get started!

00:00 Lowering blood sugar
01:24 Disclaimer
01:51 The importance of glucose
02:31 Where is glucose stored in the body?
03:46 Finger-prick devices
04:02 Healthy fasting blood glucose ranges
04:21 Continuous blood glucose monitors
05:20 Experimental devices
06:57 Lifestyle tips to improve blood glucose
09:54 How often to get blood work

I am not a medical doctor. This guide is for educational purposes only. If you are concerned about developing diabetes and want to manage your blood glucose more closely, see your doctor for blood tests, particularly A1C.

* How to measure your blood glucose at home
* Blood glucose tests to ask your doctor for
* Healthy, pre-diabetic, and diabetic blood glucose readings
* Simple blood glucose-lowering strategies to try


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